2015 USI Student Art Show

Please follow these procedures:

  1. Everyone must register this year, even if you have registered in past years.
  2. You must use your USI email address ending in "@eagles.usi.edu"
  3. When you register, you MUST enter at least one piece. If you register with the intention of coming back at another time to enter your work, you will be locked out of the registration process.
  4. After the first piece has been entered, you can return as often as needed until as many as 4 works are entered.
  5. Once a piece is entered, you CAN NOT edit your entry. Do it right the first time.
  6. You do not need to print your entry forms until all of your works are entered. In fact, the printed forms are not required until the actual work is delivered for Jurying.
If you have any questions or misgivings, email Chuck.

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